Are you thinking about joining Lighter Life? Or have you already joined?I have, but before I joined, I tried to find out more information about the diet. The LighterLife website was informative, but if you're like me you'll read the testimonials and think - that's great, but what about those people who found it difficult. This site has been launched to give you the opportunity to talk to other people who are contemplating, or have already joined Lighter Life and share your experiences with others. You can start your own diary to give others an insight into how the diet is working for you, or browse the forums and chat with others.
If you have an AOL email address, and you don't receive your activation email, please contact me.

04 16

Hi, I'm Admin.....

Just thought I'd drop in and say hi.  I don't usually post much on the site, but I am lurking around in the background now and again to make sure the site it running smoothly.
I am currently experiencing a lot of spammers registering on the site.  There is not a lot I can do to stop them registering as they are using genuine email addresses, which is a requirement of registration.
If you do notice some random postings in the forums or in comments which are obvious spam, or you think it might be spam but are not sure please do let me know.
You can either click the Report icon on any post or send me a message under the contact me link and I will then come and eliminate any offending spam.
Hope you are all doing well with your Lighterlife journeys.

07 09

Some technical issues...

Apologies to those of you trying to access parts of the site over the last few hours, I have had some technical problems which hopefully have now been sorted.  This site has been running for three years now and as such it has built up quite a load of data.  To improve the quality and speed of the site, I plan to have a 'spring clean' over the next few months which will include removing any data for users that haven't logged in prior to 2007.  This will include old blogs, old forum posts,  and old private messages.  Let me stress that if you are a regular site user, your account data will NOT be affected.  This will only have an impact on old accounts that have not been touched for over 2 years.

06 17

We're Back!!!

Many apologies for the extended downtime on the site over the past couple of days.

I had some major upgrades to do, and was flooded with hacker code which I have had trouble removing.  Thankfully, we are all clear now and up and running again.

03 16

Buying and Selling Foodpacks

I've been made aware of some 'black market' activity going on regarding foodpacks on this site. Please can I remind everyone of the rules which are 'stickied' in every forum. 

NO SELLING OF FOODPACKS Whilst we all appear to be here for the same reasons, there could be users who have joined specifically to get their hands on some foodpacks, but have not joined Lighterlife, and have not had medical checks. This is potentially dangerous and I don't want to be held responsible for anyone's ill health.

If members are found to be buying/selling on the site, their account will be blocked. 

Thanks for your co-operation and support.


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